To-Dos: Your December Home Checklist

by Team Member 7. December 2015 11:32

Prep your home and yard for winter storms and get organized for the holidays!

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To-Dos: Your September Home Checklist

by Team Member 9. September 2015 10:49

As life transitions back indoors, bring elements of nature in with you and make your spaces cozy and warm.

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10 Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

by Team Member 2. May 2014 13:55

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March Home Maintenance Checklist

by Team Member 13. March 2014 10:32

March is here and it is time for a fresh start. These nine home tasks will start you on your way to a great spring cleaning!

March is a fickle month when it comes to weather; depending on where you live, it could be snowing or utterly balmy. But even if you still have snow on the ground, by March we are all craving a fresh start around the house. From cleaning counters and curtains to doing an exterior check, here are nine home tasks to consider this month.

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February Checklist for a Smooth-Running Home

by Team Member 13. February 2014 11:23
February means the thick of snow and cold across most of the country — but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream of spring. Spruce up your home this month by giving your bedroom a feng shui makeover in honor of Valentine’s Day, plus take stock of cleaning supplies, keep road salt out of the house and refresh walls with paint (and maybe some new art, too). These 10 to-dos can help you keep your home in top shape, even if the weather outside is still frightful.

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